Although I was formally trained as an engineer, I am a songwriter by passion. I grew up watching and listening to MTV, back when they actually use to play videos. Regardless if you liked a lot or just a handful of groups that had there hay-day back in the eighties, there is no arguing about the large number of talented singer/songwriters and musicians that helped produce the “Video Storm”

You can say I’m part of the “Stereo Generation - I don’t hear or think in mono-phone.”

Maternalgroove.com is my side project that can give other like-minded passionate local singers, songwriters, musicians, and lyric writers invaluable local networking opportunities in order to be able to create wonderful musical bodies of work.

Despite this being a new website (launched in April, 2010), I’m hoping in time, people ranging from little musical background to seasoned semi-professionals, can post their Performing Arts and Sound Recording copyrighted songs on this website.

It is my personal goal to bring down the walls of unsolicited material rejection and give serious artists a way to have their works seen and heard, and hopefully give them exposure to curious music industry labels. With the advances of technology and (free and paid) downloads, the music industry really needs to rethink their current business practices. I can’t speak for others, but I am very selective of the music I listen to and buy. I only purchase CD’s with multiple great songs, not just one or two. So kudos to the established artists who are now willing to record other peoples’ songs.

Perhaps, with a following, I can build a legitimate full-time music relations business, and we can build a local web community that will be able to give talented individuals exposure to curious state licensed talent agencies, businesses seeking background music, and entertainment lawyers who seek talented music loving individuals like us.

So, if you are from the Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania area and are in need of my services or are looking to network with the above mentioned types of people, please send me an E-Mail, and I’ll be glad to post what you are looking for, whether someone to write songs with, someone to put music to your lyrics or vice-versa.